Meet our presenters

Dr. Henry Wajswelner

Principal Presenter

Dr. Henry Wajswelner is a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist. With over 35 years experience, Henry has worked at the AIS, helping the country's top athletes and the Australian Rowing Team.

Henry has completed a Clinical Doctorate at the University of Melbourne, researching Clinical Pilates rehabilitation and its application to chronic lower back pain. Most recently, Henry was involved in a research RCT investigating lateral hip pain (gluteal tendinopathy), and is a leading Physiotherapist in rehabilitation solutions for this chronic condition. 

Whilst Henry continues his private practice work, he also heads the very popular and successful Masters of Sports Physiotherapy at La Trobe University. 


Frank Care


Evado Education is the brainchild of Frank Care. During his time completing a Masters of Sports Physiotherapy, he noticed a gap in the PD market. Whilst there were plenty “Clinical Pilates and exercise based” workshops, what they lacked was a clinical reasoning framework in which to apply exercises to solve musculoskeletal conditions. In other words, an incoherent connection between exercise and pathology. It is for this reason that he created Evado Education, which aims to bridge the gap between modern exercise solutions and its application to pathology.

Frank has completed two years of a Clinical Doctorate at La Trobe University, investigating chronic low back pain. He is also a director of Evado Studios. 


Domenic Trimboli


Anyone who has been under the instruction of Dom will identify his expertise to rehabilitation and specialist strength and conditioning. He is also a highly credentialed and experienced Clinical Pilates instructor.

Dom’s work history is vast with over 25 years experience in the health industry. He has worked privately for some of Australia’s elite athletes across a broad spectrum of sports, as well as various Melbourne based AFL clubs over the past 15 years. Most recently, Dom was the strength and conditioning coach of Melbourne Victory FC.

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